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Timber Frames by R.A. Krouse

Timber Frame Construction

The Timber Frame

Your timber frame structure will be traditionally joined utilizing a marriage of traditional and advanced techniques. This work is done in our shops in Maine and Colorado, and then raised on-site. Our most common wood utilized is Maine white pine, as well as various other species.

Timber framing is the use of traditional, hand joinery, utilizing only wood in the structure. Every joint is hand chiseled and designed to fit together.

Mortise and tenon joinery was the predominant form of construction until the 1800s. This method of hand joinery dates back to the middle ages. American colonists build their first homes here in New England using Timber Frame construction and this method of working continues to serve today as a longstanding force in home design. When you compare timber framing to more common building techniques you will find that none affords you the same high level of construction strength or integrity of raw materials as you can expect with a timber frame structure.

Although conventional construction practices have helped cut the cost of building, the long term investment of a timber frame home will be standing for generations to come. Timber frames that date back to the 1600s are still standing. It is also a common practice to disassemble old timber frame homes and barns and restore and relocate them. Timber Framing can be distinguished from post and beam construction because of the advanced joinery techniques, important to the structural integrity of the home, barn or commercial structure.

Structural Insulated Panels

Structural Insulated Panels onsite


SIP Enclosure systems

One thing that helps make a timber frame structure unique from a conventional structure besides it’s everlasting quality and beauty is the enclosure system we use. Almost all timber frame structures are enclosed with SIP’s (structural insulated panels). SIP’s offer the unique way to enclose your structure and give you an R-factor (resistance to heat flow) that is unmatched by any conventional building practices. The SIP’s that we use on our structures are manufactured by us! Manufacturing our own SIP’s gives us the confidence that your structure will be to the highest standard of quality in not only the timber frame it’s self but also how the structure will be enclosed. Having a structure that uses our SIP enclosure system will keep the R-factor high, which keeps your energy bills LOW! Please let us know if you have any interest in finding out more about our SIP enclosure system and how SIP’s could help you reach the goal of building a “Green” or “passive” Structure.




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